Andrew Dana Hudson is a speculative fiction writer, sustainability researcher, editor and futurist. He has published over twenty short stories, which have appeared in Slate Future TenseLightspeed MagazineVice TerraformMIT Technology ReviewGrist, and many more. His nonfiction has appeared in Slate, Jacobin, and more. His fiction has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize, longlisted for the BSFA, and translated into Italian. In 2016 his story “Sunshine State” won the first Everything Change Climate Fiction Contest, and in 2017 he was runner up in the Kaleidoscope Writing The Future Contest. His 2015 essay “On the Political Dimensions of Solarpunk” has helped define and grow the “solarpunk” subgenre. He attended the prestigious 2022 Clarion Workshop. His first book, Our Shared Storm: A Novel of Five Climate Futures is out now from Fordham University Press.

Andrew has a master’s degree in sustainability from Arizona State University, where he is an Imaginary College Fellow at the Center for Science and the Imagination. He has previously worked in journalism, political consulting, and healthcare innovation. He also teaches yoga and serves as editor-in-chief of Holum Press, which publishes Oasis, a Phoenix-based journal of anticapitalist thought.

Follow his work via solarshades.club.

Photo by TK Rex, 2022