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Our Shared Storm: A Novel of Five Climate FuturesComing April 5, 2022 from Fordham University Press. Preorder now: Kindle, Nook, paperback, exclusive hardcover!

“The Painter and the Flatiron” — Cities in a Wild Garden: Stories of the Nature of Cities, Volume 2, 2021.

Stowaways” — Lightspeed Magazine, 2021.

Lo Stato Solare (edited by Francesco Verso and translated by Stefano Ternavasio) — An Italian-language collection of my short fiction, published by Future Fiction (paperback, Kindle), 2021.

A Smell of Jet Fuel” — Lightspeed Magazine, 2021. Author spotlight.

Solarshades” — Cities of Light, plus response essays, 2021.

The Mammoth Steps” — Terraform, 2018. Edited and reprinted in Multispecies Cities (paperbackKindle, ebook, iTunes, Nook), 2021. Blog post.

Your Mind is the Superfund Site” (with C. Y. Ballard) — Lightspeed Magazine, 2020. Audio version. Author spotlight.

“In the Storm, a Fire” (with Jay Springett) — And Lately, The Sun (Kindle), 2020. Longlisted for the BSFA 2020 Short Fiction Award. Chanticleer International Book Awards Short 2020 Story Award semifinalist.

The Lizard and the Rat” — StarShipSofa podcast, 2020.

Voice of Their Generation” — Lightspeed Magazine, 2020. Audio version. Author spotlight.

Zooming” — MIT Technology Review, 2020. Audio version via Curio.

“Black Ice City” — Glass and Gardens: Solarpunk Winters (paperbackKindle, ebook, iTunes, Nook), 2020. Blog post. Nominated for the Pushcart Prize.

A Priest, a Rabbi, and a Robot Walk Into a Bar” — Slate Future Tense, 2019. Response essay. Radio interview.

“The Chaperone” — Working Futures: 14 Speculative Fiction Stories About the Future of Work (Kindle, paperback), 2019. Podcast discussion. Reprinted in The New Accelerator.

Under The Grid” — The Weight of Light, 2019. Reprinted in GristPodcast review.

“Under This Rock” — Little Blue Marble, 2019. Included in Little Blue Marble 2019: Climate in Crisis anthology (Kindle, iTunes).

The Art of World War C — speculative propaganda from America’s climate mobilization (writeup, interview).

The Lighthouse Keeper” — in Energy Overlays, a book of designs from the Land Art Generator Initiative‘s 2018 Melbourne design competition. Translated into Italian and included in Solarpunk: Come ho imparato ad amare il futuro, edited by Francesco Verso, 2020.

Mend and Make Do” — runner up, Writing The Future health sci-fi contest, 2017.

“Sunshine State” (with Adam Flynn) — winner, Everything Change 2016 climate fiction contest.

The Games That Got Us Through — a visitation of Emerge Festival 2016 (in collaboration with Adam Flynn and Bryce Hidysmith).


On the Political Dimensions of Solarpunk — Medium, 2015. Translated into Italian and included in Solarpunk: Come ho imparato ad amare il futuro, edited by Francesco Verso, 2020.

What can science fiction tell us about the future of artificial intelligence policy? (with Ed Finn and Ruth Wylie) — AI & SOCIETY, 2021.

Solarpunk: A new anthology of speculative fiction counters dystopias with hopeful futures — written interview response in Scroll.In, 2021

Talking to Terrestrials — World Weaver Press Blog, 2021.

Rendering the Living — Medium, 2020.

Normalcy — Medium, 2020. Reprinted in Oasis: In Isolation, 2020.

Moving the Beaches, Moving the Seas — World Weaver Press Blog, 2020.

They Really Are Reptoids — Oasis #6: Superstition, 2019.

What does it mean to BE a solarpunk? —, 2019.

Nothing Here But Anti-Police InsurgencyNothing Here newsletter guest co-edit, 2021.

Nothing Here But Us Solar Powered Punks — Nothing Here newsletter guest co-edit, 2019.

Why Climate Fiction? — Imaginary Papers, 2019.

Lessons from the History of Environmentalism (as part the DSA Ecosocialist Working Group Research Subcommittee) — Socialist Forum, 2019.

Ghost Stories in the Machine — Imaginary Papers, 2018.

Tech & the left interview #3 — Fully Automated Luxury Communism Newsletter, 2018.

How to Fix Avengers: Infinity War — Medium, 2018.

When Disaster Is Always Looming (with Milan Shrestha) — Slate, 2018.

My Dumb Tweet About Owl Orgasms and Socialism Went Viral — Slate, 2017.

The Future Is Also Messier Than You Think — Drawn Futures: Arizona 20452017.

Can Sports Survive Our Environmental Crisis? — Slate, 2016.


‘Cities Of Light’: ASU Project Combines Data, Essays, Fiction To Explore Climate Change’s Long-Term EffectsKJZZ, The Show, 2021.

Solarpunk: New Seeds from the Ashes of Cyberpunk — FutureCon panel, 2020.

Come Internet With Me — pilot episode guest, 2020.

Optimism and the Futures of Sci-Fi Worlds — LockDownCon panel, 2020.

Science Fiction Writer Explores Artificial Intelligence and ReligionKJZZ, The Show, 2020.

Midsommar vs The BuddhaPermanently Moved guest episode, 2019.

Interview on Working Futures — Techdirt Podcast Episode 231, 2019.

SolarPunk and going Post-Post-Apocalyptic — re:publica 2018. Open Transcript.

The Climate Fiction Episode — The Sustainability Review Podcast, 2018.

Low Carbon Leisure in Solarpunk Futures — re:publica Sequencer Los Angeles 2018.

What Sci-Fi Futures Can (and Can’t) Teach Us About AI Policy — fiction panel (starts 1:44:38), 2019.

Limited Engagement 116 — interview on Holum Press and Oasis (starts 0:13:15), 2019.


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