Book Out (in Italian): Lo Stato Solare

My first short story collection is out this week from Future Fiction. This is an Italian-language collection that came into being thanks to Rome-based sci-fi writer/editor Francesco Verso, who had my stories translated from English. Nonetheless it is the first and most comprehensive collection of my short stories available anywhere, and I’m very proud of it. The book contains fifteen stories, including one that has never been published in English.

Sci-fi great Kim Stanley Robinson was kind enough to read the manuscript in English and offer the following advance praise:

“Hudson has found a way to strike together all the various facets of our rapidly changing climate future, sparking stories that are by turns ingenious, energetic, provocative, and soulful.”

Kim Stanley Robinson

And Francesco has this blurb (translated from Italian):

“Andrew Dana Hudson tells realities that don’t exist as if they were already here. And he describes them with a certainty and insight that are found only in a few other authors, such as William Gibson. If cyberpunk has exhausted its science fiction charge, grafting itself in a dangerously natural way into the fabric of global post-capitalism, it is due to authors like Andrew Dana Hudson who have made this genre obsolete by laying the foundations (or rather by sowing the seeds) of alternative futures through solarpunk. “

Francesco Verso

Buy it in the US in paperback or Kindle here.

Cover illustration by Paolo Castelluccio